Carolyn Cooke

From the Award-Winning Author of The Bostons and Daughters of the Revolution

Roberto Bolaño defined high-caliber writing as having "the ability to peer into the darkness, to leap into the void, to know that literature is basically a dangerous undertaking. The ability to sprint along the edge of the precipice: to one side the bottomless abyss and to the other the faces you love." It's not enough to write well, he argued, not enough to write extremely well. The very best write on the edge.

Carolyn Cooke, a Mendocino County writer whose novel "Daughters of the Revolution" was a 2011 Chronicle Top 10 Book of the Year, is Bolaño's kind of writer. She approaches subjects of sex and death, desire and illness, and the borderland between sanity and madness, civilization and the wild with a directness that is both disarming and enthralling.

Porter Shreve, SF Chronicle
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Available in paperback May 6th, 2014 from Vintage Books